Hello!  It’s Monday.  Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  With Spring in the air and Summer just around the corner, we’re feeling very outdoorsy this week.  This week’s Pink Lotus Inspiration is all about hosting a fabulous outdoor soiree.  Whether it be a sangeet, mendhi, cocktail party or post-wedding brunch; using bright, rich tones like orange citrus, chutney green and chocolatey brown makes for a punchy combination.  During the hot summer months, when hosting an outdoor party, be sure to keep yourself and your guests hydrated with plenty of water or fresh juices.  Dress in light fabrics, such as this Manish Malhotra salwar with bustier blouse and a high neckline in sheer tulle.  White lounge seating will keep your guests cool… add in color with throw pillows and ottomans.  No matter how classy or casual you want your affair to be, this color combo is a great way to go!  We hope your loving this combo just as much as we are.  Stay inspired!!  Happy Monday.

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