It’s no secret that we love pink at Pink Lotus Events. If you’re thinking of having a rose-hued wedding but don’t want it to look girly, check out these ideas for how to keep it sophisticated. Pink can be very classy, when done in the right way! Here are 4 ways to achieve your perfect pink look.

1. Incorporate pink into your flowers: Whether it’s a soft shade of pink or a bolder bloom, use pink in anything from bouquets, petals for the ceremony & aisle, mandap decorations, get the idea! Don’t be afraid to mix pink with other shades, too – purples, oranges, and even pops of bright green can look great with pink.

2. Wear it: Pink is such happy color to wear on  your wedding day! If you opt for something more subtle for a ceremony garment, why not mix it up with a stunning bright pink dress at the reception?

Pretty Pink Wedding Inspiration Ideas

3. Adorn the room: From an airy tented reception to a decked-out ballroom, pink can be used very easily! Uplighting, monogramed floor lighting, and table linens are great ways to add touches of pink (or a LOT!)

Pretty Pink Wedding Inspiration Ideas

4. Accessorize with it: Try some bold eyeshadow tones, or why not opt for a pink manicure? High heels look great in pink, and so do bangles. Have fun with it!

Pretty Pink Wedding Inspiration Ideas

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