Happy Friday everyone! As we’re in the thick of wedding season here, we wanted to share some of our ideas for bridesmaid gifts. These ideas a cute, affordable and simply adorable!

Bridesmaid Gifts
It’s no secret that the bride gets a great deal of attention during the wedding preparations, and of course on the big day. But as a bride, you probably want to hand some of that attention over to your bridesmaids to show your appreciation! There are an endless number of gifts you could choose from – here are a few favorites that I’ve come across.

1. Wristlets from COACH ($48-$228)
With SO many choices and so many price ranges, we’ve always thought COACH wristlets make a great bridesmaid gift. We also love the idea of getting each girl a different style – something that fits their personality perfectly!

2. Personalized charms ($50 and up)
These are another great way to really personalize the gifts you give to your girls. We’re big fans of the Helen Ficalora letter charms. They’re elegantly simple – and fun! They come in gold and silver, and in a number of other fun designs.

3. Wedding-day glitz (prices vary)
Giving your bridesmaids jewelry to wear on the wedding day not only makes an impressive gift, but also can look great when they all coordinate! Choose one style that you think suits all of your girls and stock up! These unique blossom teardrop earrings can be found on Etsy for $24.99.

4. A spa day (prices vary)
What better way to treat your girls than to offer them a fun spa day! Maybe take them out one afternoon a few days before the festivities for massages, or take them to get manicures & pedicures closer to the big day. Either way, they’ll be sure to feel pampered! A few excellent spas around the Boston area include Bella SanteG2O Spa, and MiniLuxe.


  1. Thank you for the ideas, I mayba thought about going for a manicure or an OPI bottle that suits the dress color in a wristlet :))

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