The official first day of summer is just around the corner! Wedding season is in full swing, and I always love seeing what different flowers brides choose. There is always the traditional choices of roses – but why not think a bit outside of the box? Here are a few flowers I’ve been seeing in person or online lately that I just love.

Summer Flowers Wedding
1. Hydrangeas
Hydrangeas can be a bit plain if they’re totally on their own – but look stunning when combined with other flowers! They have a great texture and depth, and can be found in whites, blues, pinks, and greens. They’re also a great way to fill out an arrangement using less individual blooms.

2. Lilies
Lilies are great for bouquets – they’re classy, yet bold enough to stand on their own (and less fragile to be carrying around). I love to see them in rich jewel tones like oranges and purples. Also great to use as a boutonniere!

3. Freesia
Freesia not only looks super feminine and pretty, but it also smells amazing. It’s a great accent flower for bouquets or centerpieces, and will add its own fragrance to the day.

4. Allium
I haven’t actually seen this used in wedding flowers before, but I’ve seen it on blogs and love how unique it is! If you’ve taken a stroll in the Public Gardens downtown once things were in bloom, you may have seen these ball-shaped blooms along some walkways. They’re technically a part of the onion family – clearly not your typical flower! These are in season only in early-Summer, so keep that in mind!


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