With so many choices to be made for your wedding, you’ll no doubt want some of these choices to reflect your personality. Well, you’re in luck! Today’s inspiration focuses on fun ways to personalize your wedding and make it your own.

One creative way to do this is by using a custom-designed monogram. Whether you reserve it for your printed pieces (invites, ceremony program, menu cards, etc.) or emblazon it all over everything, it will be unique to you. I love the idea of using it on your cake as shown below – or going over the top with a monogram dance floor spotlight.

Personalize Your Wedding Pink Lotus Events

Why not try your hand at a little DIY crafting? You could print out custom water bottle labels to put your stamp on a cold refreshment during the ceremony. Or you could get even craftier and create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece!

If you’re not very DIY-inclined (let’s fact it, not everyone is!) you can still make some great choices. Consider ordering custom cocktail hour bar napkins, or even leaving out a few personalized disposable cameras for your guest to capture the fun.
Personalize Your Wedding Pink Lotus Events

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