At Pink Lotus Events, we love to help you envision your day – from start to finish. One big part of the day is the reception’s tablescape, where choices can be a bit overwhelming. What style table linens do you want? What will your menu cards look like? The list goes on and on! That’s where we come in.

Here’s a quick roundup of the many choices you may be faced with when planning your reception. There’s a lot to think about! Rest assured that Pink Lotus Events will help you with every step of the way to create the reception you’ve always wanted.

Wedding Reception Table Setting

Linens: At this point, you probably have a good idea of what color scheme your wedding will follow. The basic color of your linens may be easy, but it doesn’t stop there. We’ve been loving unique linen choices – think ruffled, textured, or sparkly. This choice can really make a statement, and help to tie together the whole room.

Wedding Reception Linens

Napkins: Napkins can match your table linen, or be a bold pop of a different color. Going for bright colors and using purple as the main hue? Try purple linens with bright green or bring pink napkins for a playful look. Will you have folded napkins or use a stylish napkin ring?

Wedding Reception Napkins

Flowers: We’ll just touch on this here, as reception flowers could take up a whole blog post! Flowers can really be anything you want them to be…soft, romantic colors with full centerpieces – or bold petals in a more modern arrangement. The size of your table will help determine how large your centerpieces should be. Also keep in mind the form of them, as you don’t want to block guests from being able to chat with each other. You can mix and match bigger floral centerpieces with smaller items (lanterns, candelabras, etc.) from table to table to keep things interesting, or stick to the same centerpiece on every table. And don’t forget about all the other floral elements of your wedding day – bouquets, boutonnieres, mandap design & ceremony, cocktail hour, etc.

Wedding Reception Flowers

Menu Cards: Menu Cards are a really nice way to carry over design elements from your invitation and/or seating cards. They’re a nice touch to have laid out on each place setting, letting guests know what to expect for dinner.

Wedding Reception Menu Cards

Place Settings: Your place setting is composed of a few different elements – plates, cutlery, and glassware, mainly. The first thing people may notice is your choice of plates. Using a simple element such as a charger underneath the main plate can really add another level of sophistication. The addition of your menu cards and favors (if you are opting for them) really finishes off the look!

Wedding Reception Place Setting

Cutlery: You might think this one is a no-brainer…but there are quite a few styles to choose from! The venue’s standard style, or upgrade? Even more of an upgrade to a gold color if it matches your decor?

Glassware: Similar to cutlery, there are always upgrades you can opt for. We’ve seen some really nice gold-trimmed glasses lately, which can tie in so nicely if you are using gold elsewhere.

Wedding Reception Cutlery Glassware

Candles: Whether you end up covering your reception space in lit candles, flameless tea lights or using floral-lights, you can incorporate a romantic glow into any space!

Wedding Reception Candles




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