For our 100th blog post, we wanted to write about something special. And what’s more special than an amazing proposal!? Don’t get us wrong, any kind of proposal will be the perfect one, but there’s just something about the list below. The suspense, the drama, the over-the-top…you get the idea!

Since this is a milestone blog post, we’d LOVE to hear your proposal story in the comments section. We’re all ears! Now, on to the proposal ideas. Guys, are you listening?

Proposal Ideas

Send your girlfriend on a treasure hunt. Start with a few clues at home, then send her on a tour of your favorite places around town. When she gets to the last hint, the prize should be you on one knee!

If you live for nightlife, go out for a night of dancing and ask the DJ to pass you the mic. Dedicate a song and props on the dance floor!

Going on a trip anytime soon? Borrow the plane’s loudspeaker system (with permission, and a friendly flight staff, of course.) Propose at 35,000 feet!

Big into movies? Get permission from the manager to run an “ad” featuring your proposal during the credits! Make sure not to miss the previews…

Finish a race she’ll never forget. If you are avid runners, propose at a 5k or half-marathon finish line. Just make sure not to loose track of each other!

Take her to the place you first met… When you get there, get on your knee to propose. She’ll be happy you remembered!

And last but not least… If you’re planning to do it SOON, surprise her with a ring under the Christmas tree!


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