Weddings are always so vibrant and colorful and everyone knows that they are also the best time to see people in their fanciest garb, showing off the latest sari designs!

Nowadays designers are really trying to provide their customers with a wide array of unique styles, designs, and color combinations that really help provide that wow factor.

There are hundreds of sari designs to choose from, but that is not all. Blouses are a whole different story, and with so many choices you want to make sure you are choosing the blouse design that is most flattering for yourself. So here are 3 tips that will help you choose the right sari blouse design without getting too overwhelmed.

 Tip 1: Keep Balance
When wearing a sari with heavy body work you want the attention to remain on your sari, so wear a simple blouse and add some with the back design!
When wearing a simple elegant sari you have more freedom to change it up a bit. Add different colors and don’t be afraid to add some embroidery or beads!
 Fancy Work Blouse
Tip 2: Embrace Change 
Thick colorful borders and long sleeve blouses are in style this season. Contrasting your blouse color to your sari has also been trending. So instead of playing it safe, look in your closet and see what style you’re missing.
Long Sleeve Blouse
Tip 3: Flatter Yourself 
Like with any piece of clothing it is important to choose a blouse design that will be most flattering to your body type.
If you have small shoulders try a halter style with a deep U in the back. If you have broader shoulders try funky designs that draw attention to your lower back.
At the end of the day you want to make sure you are comfortable in your sari. So make sure you choose a blouse that allows you to express your individuality and won’t restrict you from mingling and enjoying yourself during wedding season.

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