Wearing henna is one of the most fun things to do for a bride. Brides have so many options for bridal henna, you want to make sure you explore all your options before you decide what you want. Traditional henna is black when applied, but when removed turns orangish-red to deep red, and lasts for approximately two weeks. 

Traditional Bridal Henna



Traditional bridal henna encompasses your hands, arms, feet, and ankles completely, and incorporates various intricate designs. 


Arabic Bridal Henna


Arabic bridal henna diagonally covers portions of your hands and feet, leaving gaps in between, allowing the designs to be seen against the whites of your skin. 

Colorful Bridal Henna














Colorful bridal henna is a temporary style of henna, involving various bright colors and black, and generally lasts for a few hours.


Modern Bridal Henna 



Modern bridal henna involves a mixture of traditional henna, colorful henna, and gems to create a unique palate of designs on your hands and feet.




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