Usually, when people see brides wearing these exquisite sarees b’dazzled like none other, they can easily say “why do you need jewelry, the saree speaks for itself.” However, in the indian tradition that is unheard of. Traditionally, the amount of jewelry, particularly gold, a bride wears represents the social status of her family. Therefore, families would invest as much as they could on the bride’s jewelry. Nowadays, brides still wear ample jewelry, but generally a variety of different pieces are worn to enhance their outfit rather than worn to merely make a statement.

The interesting thing is that South Indian and North Indian wedding jewelry still varies quite greatly. North indian sarees are generally more of a lehenga style with a lot of net and sequins, and the jewelry that is worn with them accentuate their outfit with the colors and the stones.

bridal-jewelry-set-4 multi-cultural-weddings-indian-bride-red-nails-gold-wedding-jewelry__full

On the contrary, because of the traditional nature of the silk South Indian sarees, the gold jewelry that is worn with the silk sarees are more pure solid gold without stones and beads but with more designs and patterns.


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