South Asian weddings have so many traditions and so much culture integrated into them and with that comes cute and fun rituals. These games and rituals are done to put everyone in a light hearted mood and to bring a few extra laughs.

1. Secret Henna

Often times, bridal henna can be extremely intricate, and within the henna you will find two names hidden, one of the bride and one of the groom. It’s the grooms responsibility to find his name in return the bride gives him a small present.

2. Musical Fire

Walking around the fire several times is a known ritual, however it is interesting to note that after the rounds are completed whoever sits down first is considered to be the dominant one of the household. (Take note ladies!)


3. Off With Your.. Nose

In some South Asian customs, the bride’s mother will attempt to grab the grooms nose as he arrives back from the baraat. The catching of the nose, signifies a reminder to the groom, that he now has the responsibility to take care of her daughter and always keep her smiling.

4. Find The Ring 

This is a game that can get quite competitive. A pot of water is mixed with vermillion and milk, and thrown into this mix are some coins and a ring. Both the bride and groom must stick their hand into the pot at the same time and the first one to retrieve the ring wins. The winner of this game also is supposed to be considered the more dominant one of the household!



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