Each couple sets a budget on the side for their wedding, and it can be a daunting task to try to make your dream wedding come to life within that budget. The biggest chunk of the budget will go to the venue and food, and with the remaining budget you add life to your wedding with decor, DJs, florists, entertainment, etc. Most Indian weddings can be categorized into 3 types; A, B or C.

Wedding A. Fancy Venue, Mixed American & Indian Food, Simple Decor

Having a fancy venue on your invitations always gives you that ooo factor, but generally that means settling for the in house food & beverage plan which generally lack variety when it comes to indian food. Additionally, with the heavy cost of the venue many couples choose to have simple decor because they believe the venue speaks for itself.


Wedding B. Moderate Venue, Authentic Indian Food, Moderate Decor

With a moderate venue you are trying to get the best of both worlds on a budget. You have more options to cater the food of your choice and with the left over money you can afford to put a little more flavor into your decor.


Wedding C. Simple Venue, Indian Food & Snacks, Elaborate Decor 

For the couples that feel that decor is the most important factor, allocating a chunk of their budget in the decor instead of having an extraordinary view of the waterfront, wedding C is the choice for them. Food is also a factor but not the main component.



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